Sunbeds and parasols repairs and spare parts

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can deliver a repair and spare part delivery service for any model of alluminum sunbed and umbrella. The spare parts will be of the best quality, both regarding the fabrics for sunbed and umbrellas and the metallic parts, all of which stricly in stainless steel and anodized alluminum. the same applies for the nylon parts

Fabric replacement

Unmounting of the old fabric, setting of the new, both seat and roof.

Original spare parts for alluminum sunbeds

Metallic parts revision, position setter substitution, in-loop plastic tube guides change, worn-out nylon and metallic parts substitution.

Umbrellas repairs

Worn out fabric substitution and tear stitching

Umbrellas spare parts

Ribs, closing system and any metallic or nylon part substitution.