Garden parasols

Tessitura Selva has been at the forefront of beach umbrellas manufacturing for 80 years now, and our production has always been distinguished by the quality of the raw materials and our carefully selected partnerships

The fabric used for our beach umbrellas is the Tempotest by Parà, for which we have an exclusive deal across the entirety of Italy.

Our fabric collection, as you can find in our color table, guarantees protection from UV rays and long-lastingness , as wells and the best thermic and visual comfort. Resistant to mold, mildew and salt, Tempotest fabric by Parà maintais its qualities without the need for any particular caretaking or frequent washes.

The seams, made with a double-stich system on all of the 10 segments that form the umbrella, make it extremely difficult for it to unravel. The threads come from Koban, one of the best of this sector.

The aluminium upper poles are each anodized with a 20 micron coating and have different bottom joints, to make them compatible with every existing professional bottom part.

The ribs, made from harmonic steel  with a diameter of 5 mm, is treated against weather agents and painted after every stage of production

The opening and closing mechanism of our beach umbrellas is by far one of our strongest point.

The Diamante and Prestige systems, of which we own the patents, make every operation extremely easy.

Lastly Tessitura Selva is able to customize your beach umbrellas with prints, embroidery and logos, to complement your establishment