Garden sunbed 602 maxi model

602 MAXI for people with disabilities

Our Maxi model for people with disabilities facilitates and simplifies moving between wheelchair and sunbed thanks to its greater height and its comfy and sturdy structure.
This model is characterized by a 12cm longer frame compared to other standard-sized sunbeds commonly used.

The frame, entirely made of 21 micron anodized primary aluminium, is guaranteed against any kind of oxidation, bending or desoldering up to 10 summer seasons and it’s available in various finishings. the innovative screw mount on the nylon balancers facilitates the disassembling.

Each sunbed comes with a patented leg opening system in accordance to CEE regulations and adjustable back positions: 2 or 3 in our Eccentrico and Relax models (the third position goes all the way flat at the same height as the sunbed’s frame). Moreover, our 602 model comes with thicker legs and frame.

The fabric is PVC coated plastic yarn, available in various colors and customizable with a thermo welded writing on demand.

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